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About Us

Cabins remind us of simpler times; winding drives into the forest, hours spent with only those we love, days as long as summer and nights where you can see the sky in all its glory. Those small dots against a black canvas remind us how small we are, how incredible our collective “cabin” is and how important it is to take care of one another.

Cabinite was forged from this belief. That small dots of action can cascade into monumental moments with those we love. Moments we want to cherish, remember and plant back into the earth to remind those following in our trail.

Cabinite uses eco-friendly, recyclable, compostable & zero waste products whenever we can. Each product in our cabin is uniquely made, touched with care and shipped to you ethically. Know that Cabinite cares!

The Outdoors Is Forever Yours!

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Are you committed to carrying products that are the most eco-friendly around? Want to spread the word on how to refill candles and reduce waste?
We love that!

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Please email if you need an individual quote on a larger wholesale order from Cabinite and/or are interested in purchasing one of our custom crafted retail store displays. We’ve repurposed vintage record players into the perfect candle display case! Feel free to reach out for your individualized quote today.